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0845 680 0506

Email Address

Call us on

0845 680 0506

Reablement Service

The aim of our enablement service is to help you do things for yourself.
We help you cope at home when you have been in hospital and don’t feel as confident as you did.
We can help you overcome a setback and working alongside other professionals such as Occupational Therapists, we can help you to help yourself.

We do this by helping you to use new equipment and technology devices to help monitor your health and do things in a different way than you are used to so we can help you stay at home.

At Scott Care we have experienced staff, trained to offer this type of support. We will work closely with you on the type of support you need, and talk with you about how we can reach your short and long-term goals.

We will work closely with you, and the other professionals within your team and once you feel confident and reassured, our involvement is often reduced or stopped all together when you are managing on your own.

Fore more information please call us on 0845 680 0506

If you feel our enablement service could be right for you or someone close to you, or have any questions about setting up an enablement care package please give us a call on 0845 680 0506.

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